Publié : 10 décembre 2009

Our opinion about our journey to Poland

  • Our opinion about our journey to Poland -
    Laura and Léo

1. Travelling

We left France from Roissy Charles de Gaulle at 1:00 PM and we arrived in Poland, Gdansk, after 6 hours and a very pleasant flight. Ola, a Polish teacher came at the airport to collect us and our suitcases.

2. The town

We were staying in a suite old city, whose name was Sireakowice, which was quite old ; these were no main industries around, it was quite easy to take the bus to go out.

3. Your host family and your new house

We were staying in two different families (the Piots and the Garwin) they were both working in a fruit and vegetables shop ; each family has a detached house and car, but only one family has got a TV set.

4. Shops and economy

The name of the currency is the zloty (one euro equals four zlotys), what strikes us the most is that the supermarkets are much smaller than in France and the choice is much more limited : the food is often composed of bread, cheese, roasted pork and the cooking is totally different.

5. Social activities

In the mornings, we usually did cooking and we spent the afternoons making visits ( museums, forests and farms) the activities in open air were very difficult because it was freezing. We appreciated a very interesting pottery museum. In the evenings, we were invited in parties with traditional Polish dances ; moreover we took part in a cooking competition : we had to prepare the pyrogys (kind of ravioli with cabbage). Unfortunately, we were the second in the competition after the Portuguese

Your opinion

We both enjoyed our stay in Poland ; first it was a great opportunity to discover a new country and its civilization and secondly we chatted with other young students (from Romania, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria) and we spent the whole week speaking English, a great opportunity to improve our language.
I would recommend this stay to other students because it is a good way of discovering an other culture, to share our knowledge and our Polish pen friends were very friendly and open-minded.