• Recettes pour le Portugese Day - Mars 2011

    Codfish with maize bread
    Ingredients : Codfish Onions Garlic Pepper Salt White wine Red peppers Maize bread Turnip tops Bay leaves Olive oilPreparation
    Roast the codfish with olive oil ; then shred it ;
    Slice the onion in half-moon, brown it with olive oil, garlic, bay leaves, red peppers and season with salt and pepper ;
    Refresh with white wine ;
    Cut the bread in “Bruneza” (small dices) ;
    Boil the vegetables (add salt to the water). After being boiled, stop the process by immersing them (...)

  • Recette portugaise vidéo - Janvier 2011

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  • Recette portugaise - Janvier 2011

    INGREDIENTS 1, 5 kg of duck 150g of country sausage 450g of rice 200g of bacon 2 eggs White wine Salt Peppercorn
    For the Mirepoix 300g of onion 200g of carrots 200g of leek 4 (...)