• Polish day - Décembre 2009

  • Our opinion about our journey to Poland - Décembre 2009

    Our opinion about our journey to Poland - Laura and Léo
    1. Travelling
    We left France from Roissy Charles de Gaulle at 1:00 PM and we arrived in Poland, Gdansk, after 6 hours and a very pleasant flight. Ola, a Polish teacher came at the airport to collect us and our suitcases.
    2. The town
    We were staying in a suite old city, whose name was Sireakowice, which was quite old ; these were no main industries around, it was quite easy to take the bus to go out.
    3. Your host family and your (...)

  • Recettes pour le Polish Day - Décembre 2009

    Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
    Dough : 50 dag of flour hot water salt
    Filling : 50 dag of sauerkraut 20 dag of mushrooms 2 onions 2- 3 spoons of bread crumbs 30 dag of smoked bacon Salt, pepper , sugar Oil for frying
    Filling :
    Wash mushrooms and one onion, and cut them into slices. Fry mushrooms on a hot oil. Fry an onion on the second pan for a moment, and then mix everything together. Cut the sauerkraut cabbage, fry it on heated oil. Put (...)

  • Géographie touristique - dossier Pologne - N Moitel - Octobre 2009

    Le document joint correspond au dossier sur la Pologne étudié dans le cadre du cours de Géographie Touristique - Nicolas Moitel

  • Recette polonaise vidéo - Octobre 2009

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  • Recette polonaise - Octobre 2009

    Roast Pork Loin with Plums
    Ingridients : One kilogramme of pork loin with bone, Ten decagrams of dried plums, Marjoram, salt, pepper and oil. 1/3 of a glass of dry red wine one stock cube
    We have to clean the meat, and separate it from the bone. Then we make a long cut with long wet knife and we stuff it with plums. We use the bones with stock cubes to prepare a simple broth. The meat with plums inside is now poured with oil and rubbed with spices : ( salt, pepper, garlic, marjoram (...)